Exhibition 2020


Nov 30th, 2020 - Feb 20th, 2021

Curator: Rodrigo Franzão

  • Panorama:
    23 Artworks, 23 Artists, 10 Nationalities
Curatorial Statement

The artist's imagination will always be present in the form and technique he uses to organize everything that makes up a work of art. Be it in the methodology approached to manipulate the elements of his ludic involvement with the world, or in the poetics with which he creatively builds the object fruit of his desire; the artist seeks a pure and direct dialogue with the unknown. This can be translated as the idealized identity resulting from his own reflection on all that surrounds him, making himself exist between the collective incomprehensible that the same narrates as being real and fictitious.

The exhibition, "Contrasting Shapes", not only discusses this dynamic, but also helps us understand that in the artist's attempt to become independent of all relationship with the narratives of his visual reality and to strive to understand that art has nothing to do with imitating the world, but that the work of art intends to help us live peacefully with it; then, from this experience, form emerges. Coating that involves an invisible matter filled with hidden ideologies and feelings, an impulse that comes from experimentation and observation of one's own authorship.

This artifact that is born from the fusion of what the artist observes and what he experiences, carries with it the content that in its essence is actually the escape from the incomprehensible reality, invented by man to escape from his particular need to coexist, thus expanding our perception of who we are and of the world that has been loaned to us.

The textile artists present in this exhibition, therefore, subjectively present to the observer that for all the interpretation that the form will have, we will have to experience what is implicit in its meaning and that this envelope that materializes the reading that we have of our own identity in art object is, in fact, an alternative approach to everything that represents man and his world, which we conventionally designate as image-cuts based on our choices, consisting of a set of knowledge that already had in common communication.

The 23 (twenty-three) artworks of textile and mixed art selected for the exhibition, "Contrasting Shapes", and idealized by artists from 10 (ten) nationalities with distinct cultures not only elucidate the very spontaneity of the human being in manipulating the elements of the world, but, once again, makes us reflect on the need to build our desires and rethink everything around us. Whether through narratives of real or fictional scenes, when offered by the artist, the artistic object comes to life by being observed and manipulated creatively in our imaginary.

Featured Artists
# Artist Nationality Instagram Website
1 Andrea Myers American @andreamyersart andreamyersartist.com
2 Ariadna Pastorini Uruguayan @ariadna_pastorini ariadnapastorini.com
3 Brankica Zilovic Serbian @brankicazilovic brankicazilovic.com
4 Carolina Vaz Portuguese @carolinavaz.studio carolinavazstudio.com
5 Jéssica Costa Brazilian @jessicacosta
6 João Bruno Videira Portuguese @joaobruno_design joaobrunodesign.com
7 Julie Sarloutte French @julie.sarloutte
8 Katherine Hunt American @katherineahunt katherinehunt.xyz
9 Kathy Sirico American @moonrisekathy kathysirico.com
10 Kristina Penhoet American @momentframer kristinapenhoet.com
11 Laura Ramírez García Argentinian @ramirezgarcialau
12 Maite Izquierdo Chilean @maiteizquierdoa maiteizquierdo.com
13 Marie Pourchot French @marie.pourchot marie-pourchot.com
14 Mylene Rizzo Brazilian @mylenerizzofotografia mylenerizzo.com.br
15 Natsuko Hattori Japanese @natsuko.hattori natsukohattori.net
16 Paula Ceroni Villanelo Chilean @p_ceroni paulaceroni.cl
17 Preta Wolzak Dutch @pretawolzak pretawolzak.nl
18 Renato Dib Brazilian @renatodib renatodib.com
19 Sarah Krespin French @sarah.krespin sarahkrespin.com
20 Sophia Ruppert American @sophiaruppert sophiaruppert.com
21 Star Trauth American @startrauth wethree.net
22 Vanessa Freitag Brazilian @freitag_textileart freitagvanessa.com
23 Veronica Gonzalez Ugarte Chilean @artevgu veronicagonzalezu.com
Exhibition Book

Constrasting Shapes

Author: Rodrigo Franzão

Hardcover, ImageWrap
Couche paper (150 GSM)
Portrait, 8.3 x 11.7 in (21x29.7 cm)
110 pages

ISBN:  978-65-00-16078-9 

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