Museu Têxtil

1. Founding and Location

● Museu Têxtil was originally founded in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2019 by Rodrigo Franzão.
● The museum is currently located virtually in New Orleans, USA.

2. Mission and Objectives

● The primary goal of Museu Têxtil is to bring together individuals interested in art, design, and culture, specifically in the context of textile, mixed, and dimensional arts.
● The institution aims to showcase universal research, techniques, and styles within textile arts.
● Museu Têxtil seeks to create a space that stimulates dialogue and inspires artists and art lovers globally.

3. Focus on Textile Strategies

● The museum focuses on disseminating the work of creative minds who utilize textile strategies in their artistic creations.
● It aims to foster an environment that supports research, production, and exhibition of textile art.

4. Global Representation

● Museu Têxtil collaborates with visionaries from around the world, showcasing the creativity and diverse worldviews of artists and designers.

5. Exhibition Formats

● The museum employs various media formats, including audiovisual presentations, exhibition projects, free thematic programs.
● The use of virtual environments in 360 degrees provides an immersive experience for virtual visitors.

6. Exploring Artistic Meaning

● Museu Têxtil delves into the representative meaning that artists and designers convey through textile art, exploring the fusion of the real and the utopian.

7. Educational Initiatives

● The institution features an educational area, offering insights into artistic creation through interviews with creative geniuses and scholars.
● The goal is to broaden understanding, reinforce historical methodologies, and contribute to the appreciation of textile art.

8. Cultural Significance

● Museu Têxtil emphasizes the significance of textiles in the broader context of art, highlighting their impact on social, cultural, political, and economic aspects of society. When exploring the exhibited works, it is essential to acknowledge that the ideologies and political, racial, or gender discourses present in the artists' creations are entirely the responsibility of the artists.
● It is crucial to emphasize that, although Museu Têxtil does not take a defined social or political stance and does not make distinctions based on race or gender, the images and texts provided by the artists are considered direct reflections of their own perspectives and individual responsibilities. This approach ensures a conscious appreciation of the artworks, recognizing the autonomy of the artists while highlighting the interconnectedness between artistic expression and the broader contexts influencing society.

9. Copyright and Artistic Integrity

● Museu Têxtil clarifies that it holds no copyright or intellectual rights over any artwork by any artist.
● Artists have formally granted permission for the use of their images and texts, providing consent through signed consent forms.
● Additionally, artists are responsible for the images, the spelling and grammar of the text, as Museu Têxtil refrains from making alterations to preserve the authenticity of the information submitted by the artist.

10. Sponsorship and Partnership

● Museu Têxtil operates without sponsorship, being fully funded by its founder, which prevents the provision of printed materials to artists, such as brochures, magazines, and physical books. All digital content is provided free of charge to participants in the exhibitions and publications of Museu Têxtil, as part of our commitment to artists.
● There is no participation fee for artists, making the project entirely free for them. Participating in Museu Têxtil projects is a voluntary option for the artist, who is aware of the terms and conditions when filling out and signing the participation request. Artists are not required to make contributions to the development, organization, or promotion of virtual exhibitions, informational materials, and promotional content related to their work. Therefore, Museu Têxtil provides a platform for artists to share their works without any financial burden or collaborative work requirements.
● When applying to participate in the exhibitions and publications of Museu Têxtil, artists sign a consent form, aware that printed versions of the publications created by the museum will be sold by a partner company responsible for the sale and distribution of these materials. Museu Têxtil does not print or sell any publications on its own; it only organizes the material that the artist voluntarily submits. The artist, when submitting their application, is aware that there will be no future financial reward for their participation and that they will not receive any printed material for free.
● We highly value the participation of artists in our publications and virtual exhibitions, promoting their researches and works entirely free of charge, without requiring financial contributions or services to Museu Têxtil.

11. Artistic Promotion

● Artists, through signed consent forms, grant Museu Têxtil the authority to showcase and publicize their works and texts on the museum's social media and website.
●By signing the consent form and applying for participation, artists acknowledge that their involvement does not entail any participation fees or financial compensation for them, underscoring the emphasis on promoting and disseminating their artistic contributions.


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