Exhibition 2023


Aug 20TH - Nov 30th, 2023

Curator: Rodrigo Franzão

  • Panorama:
    116 Artworks, 43 Artists, 18 Nationalities
Curatorial Statement

The exhibition “Natural Impressions” aims to explore, in a philosophical manner, the mutual relationship between human nature and creativity. Each artwork exhibited in the show offers a unique opportunity for reflection on the aspirations and visions of the artists, reinforcing the importance of art as a living connection to the human essence, beyond being a mere reproduction of nature. Art becomes a bridge between subjectivity and reality, inviting the spectator to contemplate the complex interaction between the human being and the world, awakening in them the intimate, inventive, and cognitive potential, revealing the transformative power of art.

While navigating through the artworks created by talented and skillful artists, the audience engages in this interaction, reflecting on the importance of human expression in unraveling the complexity of the world. Each artist reveals their creative potential uniquely, inviting the observer to immerse themselves in an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Furthermore, the exhibition seeks to raise awareness among the audience about the significance of human creativity in contemporary times, in a context where artificial intelligence is gradually replacing human intellectual work. Thus, the artworks presented in the exhibition reclaim creative, aesthetic, and cultural perceptions and values that are an integral part of human existence.

Through the 136 artworks on display, the audience will have the opportunity to observe how these creative perceptions of the artist integrate naturally and evocatively into the world, resulting in significant transformations and expanding the perspective of our own being. The ability to create and appreciate art goes beyond superficial observations, enabling a deeper appreciation of essence and beauty. This aesthetic perception awakens emotional responses and stimulates the search for meaning, revealing the inherent existence of human beings.

Therefore, the “Natural Impressions” exhibition highlights the similarities between natural beauty and artistic beauty, promoting a critical and reflective discussion that allows the audience to explore the diverse facets of what is considered beautiful. This intimate investigation significantly contributes to the understanding of aesthetics and the human capacity to appreciate beauty in the multiple manifestations present in cultural perspectives that are part of the process of society’s evolution.

The 64 artists from 22 different nationalities selected for this exhibition not only enrich our consensus on artistic expression and cultural perspective but also expand our understanding of nature and its representation in the arts. This reflective approach challenges established conventions, allowing for diverse interpretations and representations of the world. It awakens human consciousness to the source of inspiration that the capacity to imagine represents, encouraging the audience to reflect on their relationship with the world and recognize the importance of art as a profound connection with the intrinsic essence of humanity.

Featured Artists
# Artist Live & Work Instagram Website
1 ADELINE CONTRERAS Lyon, France @contreras_adeline adelinecontreras.com
2 AMELIA NIN Berlin, Germany @amelia.nin.artist amelianin.com
3 ANNA CARMONA Girona, Catalonia @lanna__c
4 ARIADNA PASTORINI Buenos Aires, Argentina @ariadna_pastorini ariadnapastorini.com
5 BARBARA BRYN KLARE OH and San Francisco Bay Area, USA @barbarabrynklare barbarabrynklare.com
6 BRUNA OCTAVIANO São Paulo, Brazil @brunaoctaviano brunaoctaviano.com.br
7 CAROLINA CARUBIN Buenos Aires, Argentina @carolinacarubin carolinacarubin.com
8 CAROLINA VAZ Lisbon, Portugal @carolinavaz.studio carolinavazstudio.com
9 CARRY DOORN Amersfoort, Netherlands @carry_doorn carrydart.com
10 CATHY JACOBS Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA @cathyjacobs_art cathyjacobs.com
11 CECILIA ACEVEDO CASTRO Talca, Chile @ceciliartist ceciliartist.com
12 CHARLOTTE SCHMID-MAYBACH Los Angeles, California @clsmstudio charlotteschmid-maybach.com
13 COURTNEY COX Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA @courtneycoxart courtneycoxart.com
14 CRISTINA LISOT Caxias do Sul, Brazil @portfolio.cristinalisot cristinalisot.com
15 DENISE BLANCHARD Santiago, Chile @deniseblanchard deniseblanchard.cl
16 ELLEN DYNEBRINK Gothenburg, Sweden @ellendynebrink ellendynebrink.se
17 ERI IMAMURA Kawasaki, Japan @eriimamura.beads eriimamura.com
18 FERNANDO SOARES São Paulo, Brazil @fernandofvsoares
19 FRANZISKA WARZOG Hannover, Germany @franziska_wzg franziska-warzog.de
20 GABRIEL PESSOTO São Paulo, Brazil @gabrielpessoto gabrielpessoto.com
21 GAËLLE BOSSER Paris and Loiret, France @bossergaelle
22 GEORGIA FAMBRIS Athens, Greece @penelope_left_the_building georgiafambris.weebly.com
23 GUACOLDA Paris, France @guacolda guacolda.com
24 GÖZDE JU Frankfurt and Main, Germany @gozde_ju gozdeju.com
25 IPHENO Limassol, Cyprus @ipheno__
26 IRINA LAAJA Malmo, Sweden @irina.laaja irinalaaja.com
27 JASON KRIEGLER Mexico City, Mexico @jasonkriegler jasonkriegler.com
28 JULIA COUZENS Clarksburg, California @julia_couzens juliacouzens.com
29 JULIETTE LEMPEREUR Bruxelles, Belgium @juliette_lempereur juliettelempereur.fr
30 KASIA TONS Peramangk and Kaurna lands, Australia @kasia.tons kasiarosetons.com
31 KATHERINE HUNT New Mexico, USA @katherineahunt katherinehunt.xyz
32 KERSTIN LINDSTRÖM Härnösand, Sweden @k.lindstrom.harnosand kerstinlindstrom.se
33 KRISTINA PENHOET Washington, DC, USA @momentframer kristinapenhoet.com
34 KRISTINE STATTIN Castres, France @kristine_stattin kristinestattin.com
35 LARA ZAPPA Como, Italy @zappalara
36 LAURA RAMIREZ GARCIA San Juan, Argentina @ramirezgarcialau
37 LIA PORTO Buenos Aires, Argentina @liaporto_art liaporto.com
38 LINDA FRIEDMAN SCHMIDT Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, USA @lindafriedmanschmidt lindafriedmanschmidt.com
39 LINDA MÄNNEL Nuremberg, Germany @lindamnnl linda-maennel.de
40 LOUISE HEIGHES Maragte, UK @louise_heighes louiseheighes.com
41 LUCIANA DE CARVALHO MONTEIRO São Paulo, Brazil @lu.cmonteiro
42 MARIANA PORTO São Paulo, Brazil @marianaportoart marianaporto.com.br
43 MARIE POURCHOT Montpellier, France @marie.pourchot marie-pourchot.com/
44 MARTINA GRUND Kiel, Germany @martina_grund_art martinagrund.com
45 MAURO FRAZÃO Recife, Brazil @maurofrazao
46 MÉLANIE VINCENSINI Geneva, Switzerland @melaniavinc
47 MO KELMAN Providence, Rhode Island, US @mo.kelman mokelman.com
48 MÓNICA FIERRO Buenos Aires, Argentina @monicafierro_arte
49 MURIEL DÉCAILLET Geneva, Switzerland @muriel_decaillet murieldecaillet.ch
50 MURIEL MAIRE Saint-Lunaire, France @murielmaireart murielmaire.art
51 NATSUKO HATTORI Fukuoka, Japan @natsuko.hattori natsukohattori.net
52 OLGA RADIONOVA Kyiv, Ukraine @olga_nova_art
53 OLGA TEKSHEVA Rome, Italy @teksheva olgateksheva.com
54 PAULA CERONI Santiago, Chile @p_ceroni paulaceroni.cl
55 RACHAEL WELLISCH Brisbane, Australia @rachael_wellisch rachaelwellisch.com
56 RUBEN MARROQUIN Brooklyn, New York, USA @marroquin_ruben marroquinruben.com
57 SABINE FELICIANO Saint-Etienne, France @sabinefeliciano sabinefeliciano.com
58 SAPNA KARN New Delhi, India @sapna_karn
59 SÉVERINE GALLARDO Angoulême, France @severingallardo severinegallardo.tumblr.com
60 SILVIA TURBINER Buenos Aires, Argentina @silviaturbiner silviaturbiner.com/
61 SÓNIA ANICETO Brussels, Belgium @soniceto.art sonia-aniceto.net
62 STAR TRAUTH Miami, USA @startrauth wethree.net
63 VANESSA FREITAG León, Guanajuato, Mexico @freitag_textileart freitagvanessa.com
64 VERÓNICA RYAN Capilla del Señor, Argentina @vero.ryan
Exhibition Book


Author: Rodrigo Franzão

Hardcover, ImageWrap
Mohawk ProPhoto Pearl paper (190 GSM)
Portrait, 8×10 in (20×25 cm)
170 pages

ISBN: 978-65-998488-1-0

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