Exhibition 2024


April 1st - May 30th, 2024

Curator: Rodrigo Franzão

  • Panorama:
    148 Artworks, 69 Artists, 29 Nationalities
Curatorial Statement

The “Threads of Tomorrow” exhibition transcends the mere presentation of artworks; it is a journey that leads us from the past towards the future. With the participation of 69 contemporary artists from various parts of the world, this exhibition not only celebrates human creativity but also recognizes the importance of manual labor throughout history. The 148 exhibited works bear witness to the human capacity to transform natural fibers, simple materials, and textile ornaments into complex expressions of ideas and emotions, honoring the artisanal tradition that has brought us to this point.

As visitors navigate through the exhibition, it becomes evident that the presence of these 69 artists from 29 different nationalities is not mere coincidence; it is an affirmation of the diversity and cultural richness that permeates contemporary artistic creation. Originating from different backgrounds and influences, these artists contribute not only to cultural and social formation but also offer observers the opportunity to expand their awareness of how art allows us to evolve. Their works not only broaden our aesthetic horizons but also remind us of the importance of recognizing and valuing the multiple voices that compose the contemporary artistic landscape.

Drawing from the studies of existentialist philosophers, we learn that artistic creation is an expression of human freedom and an attempt to give meaning to our existence in the world. In the “Threads of Tomorrow” exhibition, each artwork is a testament to this search for meaning and authenticity. Just as Sartre and his contemporaries argued, we ourselves shape our identity and destiny through our choices and actions, and each work in this exhibition reflects this fundamental truth.

The creative development of textile and mixed media artists featured in the exhibition offers an intriguing glimpse into the future of art. By exploring new techniques, materials, and concepts, these artists are paving the way for even bolder and more innovative artistic expression. Their works challenge the boundaries between the traditional and the contemporary, the analog and the digital, pointing towards a future where human creativity will continue to surprise and inspire.

Upon visiting the exhibition, spectators are invited to embark on a journey of discovery and contemplation. Each artwork is an invitation to explore the depths of the human experience, reflect on our own identity, and imagine the paths we can take towards a more promising future. By witnessing the richness and diversity of contemporary artistic creation, spectators are enriched with a renewed understanding of what it means to be human in this vast and complex cosmos.

Featured Artists
# Artist Lives in Instagram Website
1 A Rendeira by Sara Ratola Portugal @arendeira
2 Adriana Ferla Brazil @adriana.ferla
3 Amelia Nin Germany @amelia.nin.artist amelianin.com
4 Anna Tsvell Serbia @annatsvell_fiberart annatsvell.squarespace.com
5 Annika Andersson Sweden @textilannika textilannika.se
6 Barbara Ash Europe @barbara.ash.artist barbaraash.org
7 Beata Prochowska Germany @beata.prochowska
8 Bérénice Courtin France @berenuee
9 Bijou Arts USA @bijou.textileart bijou.art
10 Brooks Harris Stevens USA @brooksharrisstevensart brooksharrisstevensart.com
11 Catherine Reinhart USA @catherine_reinhart_com catherinereinhart.com
12 Charlotte Schmid-Maybach USA @clsmstudio charlotteschmid-maybach.com
13 Cluca France @clucakunst cluca.org
14 Cristian Velasco Chile @cvelascog cristianvelasco.art
15 Dan Charbonnet USA @charbonnet.dan dancharbonnet.com
16 Daniela Vignoli Brazil @danivignoli danielavignoli.com
17 Dawn Ertl USA @dawn__ertl dawnertl.art
18 Denise Blanchard Chile @deniseblanchard deniseblanchard.cl
19 Eileen Braun USA @eileenbraunart eileenbraun.art
20 Erik Bergrin USA @ErikBergrin erikbergrin.com/home.html
21 Estefanía Tarud Karl Chile @estefaniatarud estefaniatarud.com
22 Eva Alvor Ukraine @eva.alvor
23 Foje Iran @__foje__
24 Franziska Warzog Germany @franziska_wzg franziska-warzog.de
25 Gian Padilla Suarez Spain @gianpadillasuarez
26 Guacolda France @guacolda fiberartfever.com/artiste/guacolda
27 Helena Wadsley Canada @helenawadsley helenawadsley.com
28 Henrique Van Putten The Netherlands @henrique_van_putten henriquevanputten.nl
29 Inger Odgaard Denmark @inger.odgaard ingerodgaard.com
30 Ira Rz Bulgaria @irarz.art irarzart.wixsite.com/irarz
31 Itamar Yehiel Germany @sculptural.embroidery itamar-y.art
32 Jay Lee South Korea @jay.art.making whywhatmatters.com
33 Jenna Manzano USA @jenna.manzano jennamanzano.com
34 Joedy Marins Brazil @joedymarins joedymarins.com
35 Karina Walter USA @eve_on_the_couch karinawalter.wixsite.com/artist
36 Kate V M Sylvester Australia @k_v_m_s katevmsylvester.com
37 Katharina Gahlert Germany @kalypsi_gahlo katharinagahlert.de
38 Katharina Krenkel Germany @kittys_fuzzy_world katharina-krenkel.de
39 Katherine Daniels USA @katherindaniels katherinedaniels.com
40 Kathy Landvogt Australia @kathylandvogt kathylandvogt.com
41 Kelly Limerick Singapore @kllylmrck kllylmrck.com
42 Leisa Rich Canada @monaleisa2 monaleisa.com
43 Lenore Solmo USA @lenoresolmolifestyle
44 Linda Friedman Schmidt USA @lindafriedmanschmidt lindafriedmanschmidt.com
45 Luba Zyagarewicz USA @lubazygarewicz
46 Lynne Chapman UK @lynnepencil lynnechapmantextiles.co.uk
47 Magali Wilensky USA @magaliwilensky_work @lifeandmatter magaliwilensky.com
48 Mallory Zondag USA @malloryzondag malloryzondag.com
49 Marcela de la Vega Chile @marceladelavega_cl marceladelavega.com
50 María Ortega Spain @mariaortegalvez mariaortega.com
51 Marianna Magurudumian O’Reilly Spain @marianna_the_un theunstitute.org
52 Marieta Toneva Sweden @marietatoneva_art marietatoneva.se
53 Mariko Nagao Japan @nagaomariko_artwork nagaomariko.wixsite.com/wolle
54 Miriam Medrez Mexico @miriammedrez miriammedrez.com
55 Mona Rith Austria @mona_rith monarith.com
56 Nha Ngo Austria @nha__ngo
57 Octa Claire USA @unown.space unownspace.com
58 Penny Di Roma Argentina @penny.diroma
59 Raphael Dias Brazil @raphael_dias raphael-dias.com
60 Regina Durante Jestrow USA @reginajestrow reginajestrow.com
61 Renata Carneiro Portugal @rc_renata_carneiro renatacarneiro.com
62 Sara Pereira Portugal @sarapereira_atelier sarapereiraatelier.com
63 Sarah Haskell USA @sdhaskell sarahhaskell.com
64 Sarah Viguer Cebrià France @sarah_viguer sarahviguer.fr
65 Silvina Soria Spain @artsoriasilvina silvinasoriadesign.com
66 Sonja Cabalt The Netherlands @sonjacabalt sonjacabalt.com
67 The Phantomat UK @the_phantomat thephantomat.com
68 Tichit Chantal France @chantal.tichit_artvisuel chantaltichit.com
69 Veronica Pock The Netherlands @veronicapock veronicapock.com
Exhibition Book


Author: Rodrigo Franzão

Hardcover, ImageWrap
Mohawk ProPhoto Pearl paper (190 GSM)
Portrait, 8×10 in (20×25 cm)
170 pages

ISBN: 978-65-998488-2-7 

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