Open Call for MAGAZINE ISSUE 3

Application Deadline: July 15, 2024


The INTHEARTS Magazine is a global platform dedicated to showcasing artists who explore various forms of expression, from textile to mixed media, fiber, paper, dimensional, photo performance and video art. Our mission is to celebrate creativity in all its forms, offering our readers an enriching experience filled with captivating artworks, inspiring biographies, thought-provoking statements, and engaging interviews. Join us on this artistic journey!


- Edition: August 2024.
- Submission Deadline: July 15, 2024.
- Carefully curated editorial content, free from commercial advertisements.
- Each artist receives up to 4 dedicated pages in both our print and digital editions.
- INTHEARTS Magazine showcases artists' work on meticulously designed pages, printed on high-quality paper.


  • Featured in our print and digital editions, increasing your visibility.
  • Gain global recognition by connecting your work with galleries, collectors, and museums worldwide through our newsletter.
  • Receive complimentary access to our digital magazine at no cost, expanding your reach to a wider online audience.
  • Be prominently featured on our interactive map, facilitating connections in the global art industry.
  • Benefit from comprehensive promotion across our website, Instagram, and newsletters.
  • Receive a dedicated personal page on our website, featuring an in-depth interview.
  • Your interview will be highlighted on our Instagram feed and stories.
  • A podcast based on your interview will be shared on Spotify.


- All forms of art, including textile, mixed media, fiber, paper, dimensional, photo performance and video art, are warmly welcomed.
- Artists from all corners of the globe are encouraged to submit their work.
- Artists who have been featured in past issues are invited to submit new works for consideration.


- Applications must be submitted in English.
- Each artist is permitted to submit only one application.
- Submit applications exclusively via the form provided on our website.
- Incomplete applications will not be considered.
- Since the Museu Têxtil is not sponsored, and each project is the result of months of hard work and dedication, the submission is free for all applicants. If selected, artists are encouraged to contribute an amount between $15 and $100, chosen by the artist, to support the Museu Têxtil's mission of connecting artists globally. All contributions are welcome.
- Submission fees are non-refundable, except in cases of duplicate payments.


- Accepted applicants will receive notification via email.
- If you encounter any challenges with your application, please reach out to us at art@museutextil.com.


Your Pronouns*



- Please provide 6 to 10 images showcasing your work, exhibitions, or studio.
- Each image should be at least 2500 pixels in height or width.
- Share a link to a Google Drive folder or similar platform below. Ensure that the Google Drive folder is public. Do not use WeTransfer links.
- Please refrain from emailing images.
- Label the images as: Number _ Your name _ Title _ Year. Example: 01 _ Sheila Tanner Smith _ The Moon _ 2023


Please take a moment to carefully consider this: